Hops (Humulus lupulus) - Hair Pin Set

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These pieces contain small flowers of Hops (Humulus lupulus), dried thoroughly and preserved permanently in small crystals of glass-like resin. The Hops plant is perhaps most known as one of the main ingredients in most beer and is responsible for many of the distinct beer flavors people recognize and love.
The specimen has been pressed dry and coated with a UV resistant finish before being embedded in resin for maximum protection against damage.

This set comes with two hair pins, a "small" and "medium" sized pin, measuring about 45mm long by 13mm wide and, 35mm long by 9mm respectively, and are attached to 2" u-pins or "ballet pins" for ease of insertion into hair.

The piece is lightweight and should fit securely any bun or updo for medium or long length hair.

If you have particularly long or thick hair and think you may need a few extra u-pins I'd be happy to send along some complimentary un-embellished pins for you.

(Please note that the hair pins worn in the example photo are not the exact pin you will receive; the pin you will receive has never been worn).