Marigold (Calendula officinalis) - Suncatcher Prism

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This pendant contains one small specimen of Marigold (Calendula officinalis), pressed and preserved in a glass-like prism of clear resin.

This 5" (127mm) by 1 1/8" (28mm) prism uses a science-grade prism as a model in order to create a strong prism effect. Hang the prism in a sunny window, or place it on a windowsill, and when the light strikes the piece just so, the light will refract and throw dazzling rainbows throughout the room.

Otherwise known as Old-English Marigold, Pot Marigold or simply Calendula, the sunny and eternally pleasant Marigolds have a tremendously long history of medicinal use, dating back at least to the ancient Greeks. Folk practice has it that Marigold, when placed in the home, will confer protection.

This specimen has been dried and coated with a UV resistant finish prior to being encapsulated in resin.