Limited Time Halloween/Samhain Grave Moss Rectangular Pendants!


Just in time for the holiday, these little limited time moss necklaces are made with specimens of "Worm Moss" (Bryoandersonia illecebra) grave moss, harvested from a local historic cemetery, from one of the oldest sections, with most of the graves dating to the mid to late 1800's.

Grave moss has long had a folkloric and symbolic association with spirits and the dead - perfect for the time of year when the veil, they say, is most thin.

I only harvest grave moss once per year, so these pendants will only be available while the supply of moss lasts!

The pendants measure approximately 45mm long by 9mm wide (1 3/4" by 5/16")

Please let me know at checkout if you have a necklace length preference! Otherwise I will include an 18" chain by default.