Halloween Velvet Red Rose, Black Light Prism Lamp

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Happy Halloween, happy Samhain, happy Autumn season! I love this time of year, and I wanted to make something to match the flamboyance and spookiness of the season. Enter, these limited time black light, black rose lights!

This hand-made desk light contains one preserved specimen of velvet red Rose, preserved in a solid obelisk-shaped prism of resin, underlit by a purple LED black-light embedded into the resin itself, and finally mounted within a base made of 3D printed wood PLA - a mixture of plant-based, biodegradable plastic and Poplar wood pulp. When turned on - slightly unlike the white light of a regular LED light - the black light glows densely through the resin like fog, bouncing faintly out of the angled corners to create a hazy prism effect.

The light measures approximately 102mm tall from tip to base and about 43mm wide at the base (4" by 1 11/16"). It is powered by two replaceable #CR2032 batteries and can be powered on and off via a twisting switch under the base.

The specimen has been dried thoroughly and coated in a UV resistant finish prior to being embedded in epoxy resin.

The package will be carefully hand wrapped in bubble wrap, then wrapped with tissue paper and twine.