Limited Grave Moss Copper Rings!

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These small, dome-shaped rings each contain one cluster of lush, green grave moss, dried and preserved in a crystal clear dome of glass-like resin, and set in an earthy bezel of patina'd, electroformed copper, and fitted on a hand-made, adjustable copper ring shank.

Grave moss - that is, moss collected from a cemetery - has long had a folkloric association with the spirit world, necromancy and the bridge between life and the hereafter. This particular moss was harvested sustainably and respectfully from a local historic cemetery, from the oldest portion of the graveyard, dating back to the early 1800's.

Each resin dome measures approximately 20mm in diameter or roughly 3/4". The copper ring is adjustable - though I strongly recommend leaving frequent fiddling to a minimum due to the brittle nature of the electroform coating and it's potential to eventually shake off the bent joints.

Each ring will be shipped in a small ring box tied with hemp twine and boxed in a small shipping container made with post-consumer recycled cardboard.

These rings will only be available while my supply of grave moss lasts, and after that will be gone until autumn.