Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara) - Small Hair Pin #2

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This decorative hair pin contains one small Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara) dried and preserved permanently in a small crystal of glass-like resin. As the name "Nightshade" implies this brightly colored member of the tomato family is a common poisonous herb. During the Middle Ages of Europe, the herb was thought to be a strong protection against hexes, and garlands of the plant were often hung on doorways and around the necks of livestock to protect them.

The resin piece itself measures about 35mm long by 9mm wide and is attached to a standard 2" long "ballet pin" or "u-pin" for easy hair insertion.

The piece is very lightweight and should fit securely any bun or updo.

If you have particularly long or thick hair and think you may need a few extra u-pins I'd be happy to send along some complimentary un-embellished pins for you.

(Please note that the hair pins worn in the example photo are not the exact pin you will receive; the pin you will receive has never been worn).